If you’ve noticed any leaks, warning lights, sweet or burning odors, odd sounds or a delay in movement from your vehicle then it may be experiencing some transmission issues. Transmissions are the component of a car that switches between gears, ensuring the engine works at the proper load to meet the speed and power necessary to get you from one point to the next.

If your car is showing any of the signs above, and you’re in the Norwich area, then bringing it in for a transmission diagnostic is highly recommended before it has the chance to fail.

Automatic Transmissions

For cars that just get thrown into drive and go, the car is automatically shifting between gears for the driver. Transmissions that handle that type of shifting are complicated components of the vehicle that regulate the gear usage based on speed, throttle, vehicle load and engine RPM. While these transmissions make it easier to operate the vehicle for the user, compared to manual transmissions where the driver uses a clutch and gear shift, they are more complex to maintain and repair. It’s always best to have experienced transmission professionals handle any kind of repair to a transmission to ensure it maintains proper function while you’re out on the road.

Manual Transmissions

If your car has a stick shift, then it likely won’t need as much maintenance as an automatic transmission during the life of the car, but that doesn’t mean problems won’t come up. If your clutch is slipping, gears are grinding or it slips out of gear while driving then it’s time to let us get under the vehicle to see what needs to be done.

Four Wheel Drive

Cars with four wheel or all wheel drive have additional considerations when it comes to maintenance for the transmission as well. Inspecting and maintaining both the front and rear differentials, transfer case and additional fluids is critical to keeping the vehicle moving. Our professional team can make sure that everything from the transmission down the line to the axles is in good working order and functioning properly so that your car doesn’t end up stuck on the side of the road.

Transmission care can be easily neglected, and if issues have started to appear and the vehicle is still being driven then the results can cause more damage and unwanted hassle. To prevent additional damage it’s always recommended that you bring your car in as soon as you start noticing any of the issues above, and we here at Superior Auto Center in Norwich will keep your transmission running great.