Brakes are the first line of safety devices on your car. Any driver who experienced brake issues before can tell you what a terrifying experience it is when you can’t stop your own car. That’s why regular brake inspections are crucial to maintaining this important safety feature. Experts suggest having your brakes inspected twice per year, which we can provide with our Norwich Automotive Brake Service. We complete a thorough inspection and notify you of any issues or concerns. Catching issues early could save you money and prevent further damage.


The main components we review during your Norwich Automotive Brake Service are:


Master Cylinder: Brake fluid is stored in the master cylinder before it is transferred to your brakes. If the master cylinder becomes worn or cracked, the fluid could leak before being delivered, which would ruin your brake pads.

Brake Fluid: If the master cylinder is the heart of your braking system, then the brake fluid is the blood. Dirty brake fluid could transfer rust-causing moisture or debris to other parts of the system, resulting in internal damages to your ABS brake system.

Brake Lines: A combination valve connects the brake lines to your master cylinder and controls the pressure applied to the front and rear wheels. If the combination valve malfunctions, your wheels could lock up.

Brake Pads: Brake pads use friction to stop your car and can gradually wear out over time. You should regularly replace your brake pads to avoid issues with stopping your car.