Engine Repair

Nothing is more important in a car than the engine. Nobody can protect it and keep it running better than Superior Auto Center, where engine repair in Norwich is done right. You shouldn’t wait until your engine starts making noises or fails to start to get a preventative check-up and to perform the regular maintenance it needs to stay at peak performance. Some of the services offered that can keep your car on the road before trouble starts are:


  • Filter Replacement: Keeping your air system free of blockages helps your engine breathe. Air intake is critical to good engine health and regular cleaning or replacement of air filters will keep your engine running smooth.
  • Fuel System Cleaning: Fuel lines, filters, injectors and the rest of the fuel system feed your engine, and when they get slowed down then the engine starves. Making sure the fuel system stays clean helps keep gunk out or your engine, which in turn will give you better mileage, power and efficiency from the fuel you feed it.
  • Spark Plug Inspection: Most manufacturers recommend changing spark plugs every 30,000 miles, but the only way to be sure they last that far, or if they can work longer than that, is to inspect them.
  • Regular Oil Replacement: Oil is the bloodline of an engine. It keeps all the moving parts moving and prevents vital components from being overheated. Making sure the oil stays clean and replenished, according to your vehicle’s needs, will add years of life to your car.
  • Cooling System Checks: An overheating engine is an engine that will breakdown. Issues with the radiator, thermostat, water pump, and the coolant itself will lead to catastrophe if they are neglected.
  • Visual Inspections For Leaks, Cracks, and Other Damage: Sometimes just having a qualified technician look over the engine can find the start of an issue. Our team can spot those signs of wear and tear before they become a problem.
  • Engine Light Diagnostics: When the check engine light is on then getting a diagnostic check will provide a code for what the issue is. This is your car’s way of telling you it’s in pain, and our Norwich engine repair diagnostics can tell you exactly where it’s hurting.


Staying ahead of problems is always the best way to take care of them, but sometimes catastrophic failures happen before any signs of damage are apparent. Engine repair in Norwich at Superior Auto Center can diagnose and fix your engine to get your car back on the road fast. The courteous and experienced staff have years of training and certifications to make sure your car gets the care it needs.