Oil Change

No Appointment Needed!

Oil is one of the most critical items for your vehicle and neglecting regular oil changes can have some dramatic effects on your superiorauto1

car, as well as your wallet. Every vehicle has a recommended oil change schedule and recommended oil types that will keep it running at its best. The best way to find out what your car needs, and to get your oil change in Norwich done right, is to have your oil changes done at Superior Auto Center.

Prolonging Engine Life 

Regular oil changes ensure that particulates that get into the oil are removed so they can’t harm the components inside your engine. Dirty oil causes more friction in your engine that degrades performance and adds to overheating. Ensuring your engine has fresh oil will ensure these issues don’t cause long term damage, extending the life of your engine.

Clean Up Your Exhaust

Connecticut requires regular emission testing for your vehicles and one benefit of regular oil changes is that it cuts down on harmful emissions. Before you have your next emissions test in Norwich an oil change can help ensure your vehicle passes.

Boost Fuel Economy

Clean oil makes the engine run smoother and keeps it from having to work as hard, which in turn means it burns less fuel to get from place to place. If you want to save money at the gas pump, changing your oil can help spread those pit stops farther apart.

Add Power to Your Ride

Having a clean engine means more power efficiency. Regular oil changes boost horsepower by helping make sure the engine isn’t preventing power from making it to the wheels. If you want better acceleration, hauling strength or top speed then you need regular maintenance to keep your vehicle’s power at the peak.

When you bring your car in for an oil change you’re getting more than just the oil. Our technicians complete a full inspection every time we open the hood and go under the frame. Our years of experience help us know what oil your car needs depending on the make, model and road conditions we’re all facing together. Bringing your vehicle in also ensures the dirty oil is disposed of properly and with no additional hassle for you, giving you piece of mind when your car is ready. Remember us when you need an oil change in Norwich, no need to set up an appointment as we take drop-ins in stride. Superior Auto Center is here to handle all of your vehicle’s needs.