Fleet Maintenance

There are two types of fleet maintenance; scheduled and unscheduled. For a fleet manager to keep the vehicles they are in charge of running smoothly, or get them back on the road when those unscheduled issues sideline them, they need an auto shop they can trust. Superior Auto Center of Norwich can handle all of your fleet service needs.

Preventative Maintenance

Fleet management should include a schedule to cycle vehicles through for maintenance to help stop preventable damage. Regular inspections, fluid changes, tire replacement/rotation, engine servicing and other regular checkups fall into the scheduled category of care. Scheduling those maintenance needs is easy and efficient when given to our shop to handle for your fleet.

Fixing Unscheduled Issues

The first line of defense for any vehicle fleet are the drivers of the vehicles. Having them conduct regular checks of the vehicles they operate can help find small problems before they become big ones. Having peace of mind that when those small issues appear there is a shop ready to take them in keeps the fleet manager stress levels lower. Nothing provides better peace of mind than knowing every vehicle in your fleet can be brought in and adjusted swiftly because you’ve already been accepted into our fleet service program.

When the unexpected happens and a vehicle gets stranded due to a problem that couldn’t be resolved by preventative maintenance, or have indicators of the impending issue uncovered by regular driver inspections, then we have you covered. Our full service shop can handle whatever problem gets brought in, and if one of your fleet vehicles gets stranded, we have our own tow trucks to help get that vehicle brought straight into our shop.

Developing a fleet maintenance program that includes the professionals at Superior Auto Center will keep your business from losing time and having to spend money on major repairs that will likely be prevented by a well designed maintenance schedule. Having a one-stop shop that can fulfill any vehicle needs saves even more time, and puts our shop ahead of our competitors. Relying on our professional and highly experienced staff will ensure that whenever an issue comes up with a vehicle in your fleet that the least amount of time and money is spent to get it fixed, and fixed right.

Call, write or stop in today to discuss what your fleet needs are and see how we can help your business stay on track.